Capital Markets

“MBM-Conseil sca in the DRC works hand in glove with its subsidiary office in South Africa and the United Kingdom enabling the Group to advise Companies based in the DRC on all types of equity deals, including start-up and early stage investments, development capital, all forms of buy-outs (including secondary buy-outs), public to privates, exits (including sale to trade or financial buyers, by means of an IPO, recapitalizations and debt restructurings).”

Our team advises clients on Capital Market transactions, where a government or a company (usually a corporation) wishes to raise money (capital) to fund their operations and long term investment. Many clients and potential clients are involved with early–developed stage projects in the DRC and West Africa. Regular Bank lending is not available through Banks in the DRC and projects therefore find it difficult to be capitalised and financed especially relating to Mineral Resource Projects across Africa We have offices situated internationally providing us with a multi-lingual capability, our dedicated transatlantic team working as one provides our DRC clients with a global capability, managed on a local basis and obviates the need to seek out advisers in unfamiliar territories. This provides us with the ability to offer one point of contact to handle transactions over multiple jurisdictions.

Our clients have access to Brokers, Attorneys, Accountants and Stock Exchange Advisory Practices to ensure efficient structuring and implementation of transactions to our clients' best advantage.

In practice, there may be a significant number of advisers available to our DRC clients on any particular transaction and we may interact with:

  • Financial advisers, usually investment banks and financial institutions
  • European Legal advisers, usually specialist corporate law advisers
  • South African Legal advisers
  • Financiers, are either investment banks and/or corporate banks and stock brokers

We advise projects and business owners on the processes and structures needed to regularise and legalise their structure and make it more attractive for potential investors to either invest in the project or to acquire shareholding in the Company or to be a take over target.

Our team and through our International footprint assist entities seeking to raise funds on the primary capital markets in Europe, this include governments (which may be municipal, local or national) and business enterprises trading within and outside the DRC.

We manage all aspects of a transaction, designing and implementing an efficient transaction structure from both legal and tax perspectives, which include the drafting and negotiating of management arrangements and share allocation/sale structures

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