Banking and Finance

"We advise clients on transactions relating to the Banking and Finance sectors in the DRC."

Our team advises clients on small & large scale financial transactions, advising clients on the complexities of investing in the DRC and protecting the flow of funds during all the stages of engagement with 3rd parties.

It is our responsibility to protect our clients interest and investments while doing buiness in the DRC and West Africa. We have proven principals, our experience contributes to the creation of legal structures that protect our clients and guarantee the correct legal framework to conduct business according to the law from inception.

The firm provide specialised advise and services relating to:

  • All Banking Related Issues
  • Transfer of Funds from abroad into the DRC
  • Investments and Transfers requiring regulatory approvals
  • Clearing of Funds through the Banking Systems
  • Opening of DRC Bank Account
  • Trust Account Service
  • Fiduciary Services
  • Payment Transactions
  • Buyout s, Mergers & Acquisition Payments
  • 3rd Party Payments on behalf of Clients
  • Start up and early stage Investment
  • Agreements & Contracts relating to investment and bank transactions
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