Mining Tax

“Mining companies are subjected to a tax and customs system specific to their activities. DRC mining projects are complex areas, we have a in-house Mining Tax Department specialising on how to structure transactions to promote tax efficiencies and how to reduce exposure to regulatory risk directly linked to the Companies tax exposure.”

Our office located in Lubumbashi is principally responsible for our clients based in South DRC Katanga province close to the Zambia border. This area is well known for its major expansions in the mining and construction sector where we advise large corporate clients.

We advise and support our client’s activities to comply with the complex DRC Mine Tax Legislation, our Firm have a team of lawyers and tax experts providing solutions to the various challenges facing mining Companies.

  • Tax advice for mining companies
  • Advice and management of import tax exemptions for mining companies
  • Establishment of the tax declarations and yearly tax returns
  • Negotiation and drafting of the contracts relating to the modules needed for the payment of taxes, mining rights, surface fees and royalties
  • Payment of tax and customs disputes
  • Negotiation and Client representation when dealing with tax authorities or customs in the event of litigation
  • Representations of the companies in front of tax and customs authorities
  • Analyses and legal opinion relating to the clients tax structures, rights and royalties
  • Mining tax and special taxes
  • MBM - fiduciary practice will assist with all tax obligations, requirements and social issues related to mining activities

Further Tax Services offered by our firm are included in the Tax Practice.

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