Company History

"We achieved some key milestones during our evolution and became a leader in our field."


MBM CONSEIL began as an unincorporated association called Mbalanda & Deo August "MDA acronym" firm established in 2000.

MBM Conseil sca was the first law firm to be incorporated as a professional registered Company practising law in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

In January 2008, the partners of MDA, guided by a vision and objective to evolve into a legal profession, took the decision to restructure the firm in creating a civil society of professional lawyers.

In February 2008, MBM CONSEIL sca was created. The challenging DRC buiness environment and constant change to the legal framework  motivated MBM Conseil to be innovative in its approach to providing legal assistance and advise to its clients. This framework allowed the Company to further develop and advance their skills for better client management and engaging with international clients using and implementing first world principals.  

In March 2008, the Articles of the Company was authenticated by the Notary in Kinshasa and the company was registered in the Registry of the Commercial Court of Kinshasa / Gombe. This procedure was completed by obtaining the company's National Identification Number: 01-83-N51752L.

In May 2008, the Articles of Association was approved by the Council of the Bar Association of the Bar of Kinshasa - Gombe.

In 2012:

  • The Firm opened offices in Lubumbashi Katanga province DRC
  • The Firm opened offices in Matadi Bass Congo Province in DRC
  • The Firm registered MBM-Conseil & Partners (Pty) Ltd in South Africa and opened offices in Johannesburg.


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