Mining Environmental Law

“Our Firm possesses unrivalled expertise in this area. The company relies on the work of a well established and experienced team of lawyers relating to the implementation of the law and internationally accepted principles to which mining companies must comply with.”

We advise and support our client’s activities to comply with the requirements for the protection and preservation of the environment as a whole.

  • Advice and assessment of the legality of environmental obligations correlating with the specific field and “mining” activity 
  • Environmental impact assessments related to mining projects and activities
  • Compliance with the of environmental impact study law
  • Assistance and representations of the mining company prior to engagement with authorities and government
  • Tracking and monitoring of environmental and social obligations
  • Advice and assistance with the development of a plan for sustainable development of local communities affected by the mining project
  • Compensation for land users, the displacement of local populations affected by the mining project and relocation
  • Completion of studies and legal advice on customer demand
  • Compliance with environmental requirements
  • The legality of environmental impact studies "EIS" and Project Environmental Management Planning "PEMP"
  • Drafting a sustainable development plan of local communities affected by the mining project 
  • Social agreements with local communities near the mine operation (local or indigenous)
  • Interpretation and advise on Existing Environmental Studies 
  • Support and advice for the development of environmental plans
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