Purchase, Sale and Processing of Minerals

“Our Firm has proven expertise in advising and supporting our clients in the buying, selling and processing of minerals produced in the Democratic Republic of Congo.”

We protect our client’s investments by providing essential information and practical advice on the requirements for mineral trading in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • Advise with the trading and processing of minerals
  • Registration of commodity trading office “Comptoir” (buying and exporting of diamonds, gold and other minerals)
  • Registration of an entity processing minerals
  • Registration of laboratories for mine production analysis
  • Advice and assistance with the financial regulatory requirements for trading in the DRC as required by the Central Reserve Bank of Congo
  • Registration of commodity trading entities
  • We advise on physical precious metal transactions in the DRC
  • Advise on Commodity trading in general - (diamonds, gold, copper, cobalt and many more )
  • Assistance with the negotiation, drafting of contracts and structuring of commodity based transactions
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