Acquisition & Sale of Mines, and Mining Assets

“DRC mining projects are complex areas and require our skills to advice clients on how to structure transactions to promote tax efficiencies, reduce exposure to regulatory risk, takeovers, buyouts and share transfer.”

MBM-Conseil is recognized as an expert advisor in the mining sector, we provide specialized services relating to: 

  • The proceedings and requirements to obtain mine and quarry research, exploration, exploitation and processing rights
  • Advice, assistance and representation in the acquisition process of mining and quarry exploration, exploitation and processing rights
  • The creation of mining companies in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Analysis and advise on DRC Mining Code, Rules & Regulations
  • Legal audits of DRC mining assets
  • DRC legal opinions on all mining issues
  • Advice to and facilitation of Foreign Companies wanting to invest in the DRC mining or quarry sector
  • Mergers & Acquisitions relating to mining sector
  • Claims for mining rights from administrative bodies
  • Lobbying to the Government and any other administrative bodies for issues related to the implementation of mining rights
  • Support in all legal matters before the Courts and Tribunals
  • Mine Project Identification and Sourcing on behalf of clients looking to invest in or purchase mine projects in DRC
  • Early Engagement prior to project role out
  • Due diligence on ownership and legal standing of concession and mines
  • Securing and negotiation of Exploration and Exploitation Licensing
  • Advice and assistance with the financial regulatory requirements for trading in the DRC as required by the Central Reserve Bank of Congo
  • Advice and legal representation for mining companies in the negotiations and signing of contracts for joint ventures with Governmental Mining Entities
  • Assistance with the negotiation, drafting of contracts and structuring of finance transactions relating to foreign investment into the private, corporate and government mining entities in DRC
  • Renewal and transformation, total or partial waiver and extension of mining licenses
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