Government Representative in Mines & Quarries

“MBM is also mandated and a Proxy as a recognized Firm with the DRC Ministry of Mines, we have extensive experience and the authority to deal with and negotiate with Corporations and Government concerning all issues relating to DRC mineral concessions, quarries, environmental issues and mines."

Being appointed as Proxy and Representative in mines and quarries is a substitute established by the Mining Code to insure that the mining laws and regulations are efficiently administered. The Mining Code allows for the proxy to be acting as a representative and administrator for any mining operator.

By Decree n ° 0051/CAB.MIN/MINES/01/2012 of February 22, 2012:

MBM- CONSEIL was approved as Proxy (Representative) in Mines and Quarry. Our firm is an auxiliary for the administration of Mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo and a lawful linkage between Government and mining companies as well as their associated investors

Our firm is authorized by the Congolese Government to represent, advise and / or assist any person or entity interested to acquire, manage and claim mining or quarry rights. We are also authorized to litigate in all mining related practice areas.

Our Firm was also in 2007 appointed by the DRC Government and participated in the re-evaluation of mining contracts signed between the DRC Government, domestic and international partners. We therefore offer our services to any person holding mining or quarry rights in the DRC and to those Companies or individuals who would like to obtain them in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Firm offers its clients extensive experience in negotiating contracts and agreements between mining operators and / or with the State and Lenders, and in solving problems related to research, exploration and exploitation activities.

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