Agricultural Law

“The DRC agricultural sector has an enormous potential and it is one of the three (3) countries in the world consisting of farming land which can easily feed our planet. The current government has recently decided to make the development of this sector a top priority and to also take special care of the social and economic development component associated to the development of this sector.”

The Farm Bill Law No. 11/022 related to agriculture basic principles and since 24 December 2011 it lays out principles of agricultural land exploitation but also raising the crucial issue of land ownership which principles and standards are established by the Land Act of 20 July 1973.

Our Firm followed the agricultural debates before the legislative chambers and immediately after the promulgation of the law. We were actively involved with and assisted in the identification of the strengths and weaknesses within the current and new law. As a result we published studies aiming to improve the law and was therefore associated by the Government with the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) based in Washington (USA) to the amendment project of the said law.

Throughout numerous consultations related to the interpretation of the farm bill, acquisition of agricultural lands and the creation of companies in this sector, including numerous studies commissioned by IFPRI on agricultural legislation at the national level and sub-regional, MBM CONSEIL gained enormous knowledge in a blossoming sector in the Congolese and sub regional economy. This expertise is what we are offering to all our clients on issues including:

  • Advice for investing in the agricultural sector in the DRC 
  • Legal opinions on issues of land ownership and acquisition of agricultural concessions 
  • Assistance in negotiations with traditional and administrative authorities, and successful acquisition of agricultural concessions 
  • Drafting of agricultural agreements
  • Representation to administrative and executive authorities to obtain agricultural exploitation titles 
  • Legal assistance in structuring agricultural projects
  • Environmental and social impact studies for agricultural projects 
  • Assistance in drafting the implementation and monitoring plan for the agreement signed with local communities and the Government.

Our Firm is well respected and experienced in this field backed by our publications and legal analyzes conducted to date. Our law firm advises and assists companies in this sector from the inception phase (company statutes drafting) to the obtaining of agricultural concession (concession contract).

Our advice extends to tax related matters, customs and social issues including the safeguarding of our clients’ interests in case of litigation associated to agricultural exploitation.

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