MBM Foundation

"MBM is actively involved with the Avocats Verts Foundation in assisting disadvantaged people in various legal matters.”

Avocats Verts

MBM extends is legal assistance to the destitute population. The principal work in this area is performed in collaboration with AVOCATS VERTS NGO, this is to protect indigenous and local communities’ rights in the exploitation of natural resources. www.avocatsverts.org

MBM Foundation

We believe justice does not stop our services relating to the bar or to the advice given to clients but it is extended to the consideration of human and social values, In short, human well-being. MBM Foundation is the structure in which MBM-Conseil provides support and assistance to disadvantaged people and communities in DRCongo.

This foundation is managed by MBM-Conseil spouses who are dynamically involved in planning, development and implementation programs for hospitals, schools and prisons. We are convinced our acts can save a soul and to be a channel of hope.

Our activities:

In 2010

  • Contribution to Kinsenso state hospital (March)
  • Contribution to Bethesda school Salongo-Sud/Lemba
  • School Rehabilitation
  • Support with stationery to orphans attending this school
  • Financial support to orphans school fees for orphans and teachers’ body


  • Distributions in orphanages
  • Contributions to old age retirement homes
  • Distribution and contribution in prisons

Training Young Lawyers

Our Firm signed an agreement with MPUNGA law firm appointed by decision No 0724/BRKG/BTR/RM/06/2012 of 13 June 2012 by the Chairman of Kinshasa/Gombe Bar Association, to ensure practical, legal and professional training and research for law graduates to prepare them for the Bar examination. We are involved with the training provided by MPUNGA law firm and MBM Conseil providing law firm auditing courses. Our contributions are financial and technical; sponsorship and research of sponsors to support the training.

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