Leaders in the DRC

"MBM adapted continuously to the constant changes in the DRC since the first election in 2006, the Company perpetuates a style of excellence through its extensive expertise and experience relating to a wide spectrum of legal services."

The challenging DRC business environment and constant change to the legal framework  motivated MBM Conseil to be innovative in its approach to providing legal assistance and advise to its clients. Our lawyers comprehensive knowledge of our clients’ industries in the DRC allow us to offer added-value advice in all areas of business and find innovative legal, technical, financial and corporate solutions to the most complex issues.

We use knowledge and experience as a means to achieve innovation, efficiency and excellence in our services or products. It highlights our success at creating a knowledge, innovation and learning culture that maximises the firm’s intellectual capital to provide our clients with services of the highest standards.

Our team of lawyers are more than just an Advisor, we look beyond the simple practice of traditional law and become a partner and key role player in the process and success of our clients projects and business. 

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