Project Development & Finance

"The success of a project is linked to its development within a legal and economic framework, our goal and commitment to our clients is to provide them with a legal framework which will provide them with the highest confidence in the underlying value of their investment."

We advise clients on all aspects of commercial and legal matters relating to their project, our goal is to advise our clients from planning right through to implantation, commissioning and the production stage of their project. It is key and of utmost importance that a project or entity is registered and structured correctly and according to the law of the DRC to maintain tax efficiencies and to reduce exposure to regulatory risk.

Our service and advice include all contracts relating to construction, sale, supply, infrastructure, tendering, tax, environmental, regulation, MOU’s, private, commercial and governmental projects.

Our International footprint into South Africa and Europe allows us to facilitate the sale of projects in general, mining concessions, telecoms projects, and the raising of investment funds for DRC based projects.


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