Telecommunications, IT & Media

"Our firm is by far the leader in the DRC with extensive experience and provide specialized services relating to electronic communication law in the DRC, namely, telecommunications, audiovisual, computer and internet."

The experience of our firm in this area derives mainly from the proven expertise of one of our associates, Paulin MBALANDA. He is recognized as an expert of the ITU in telecommunication regulation referencing the DRC written Law - Setting on Telecommunications of 16 October 2002. Mr Mblanda was tasked by the Attorney General and was responsible for various legislative reforms in this sector including the writing of the DRC Telecommunication white paper. Our Firm provides services and added benefits to various telecommunications operators and businesses facing problems and challenges with their projects. We consult on legislation and regulation, we have publications and have criticized the judicial decisions and ARPTC directives in the past.


We have participated in large corporate transactions in this sector and offer extensive knowledge and expertise to our clients who require our services relating to the planning, implementation and development of their projects. Our services include:

  • Advice to Telecommunications operators
  • Advice on DRC telecommunications regulations
  • Preparation of files for obtaining licenses
  • Legal Studies within this sector
  • Sale and purchase of Telecoms companies
  • Legal assistance for operators, investors and suppliers of this sector
  • Drafting contracts and any proceeding for the acquisition of licenses
  • Private & Public tenders
  • Support operators in the negotiation of contracts and their implementation
  • Operators to support operations planning
  • Studies and analyzes at the request of operators and regulatory institutions sector

Due to our innovative approach we offer clients a wealth of experience and expertise relating to a wide spectrum of telecom projects including the negotiation of contracts on behalf of clients & partners, or dealings and disputes with the government.

Communication & Media

We developed strong expertise in all aspects of media production including broadcast stations, television, print media, electronic dot object collection, processing and dissemination information or ideas. The Firm assists companies to press production, operation and defending their audiovisual production rights. The services offered by the Firm are mainly:

  • Advice to operators of the media
  • Acquisition and transfer of licenses
  • Fetching of the operating frequencies
  • drafting contracts related to the implementation of an audiovisual production (co-production contracts, authors' contracts, contracts for presenters, broadcast contracts)
  • Negotiating sponsorship contracts
  • Assistance and representation before administrative and judicial
  • Advice and assistance with Lobbying strategies and dealing with regulators


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