"Human resources are an intrinsic part of business, without your people your business will not succeed."

Our firms success lies in the dignity of our staff, and their commitment to our clients, we have extensive expertise in labour law, we would rather prevent potential conflicts between a Companies employer and its personnel. We therefore strive to advice our clients in such a manner to prevent any administrative and judicial issues between employer and personnel.

  • Drafting of employment contract
  • Monitoring reports of companies with professional staff (Union of Workers)
  • Support and representation of companies before administrative bodies (Labour Inspectorate
  • Prevention of litigation and arbitration in case of conflict
  • Drafting of regulation contract
  • DRC Workforce agreements
  • Advice and assistance in case of corporate reorganization
  • Exclusivity and confidentiality undertakings
  • Foreign employees advice and contracts
  • Local and Foreign Company Outsourcing and subcontracting
  • Staff Dismissals and restructurings
  • Arbitration and litigation
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